It’s a Frog Story Happily Ever After? Giveaway!

My webcomic is winding down getting close to it’s happily ever after and thus I am doing a contest (Info is in the bottom right~) and a tumblr giveaway where you could win cool stuff in either!

In this giveaway, you could win:

  • An Original T-shirt (100% cotton, super comfy, limited run)
  • The PDF of the entire publication with 130 pages (complete with extras, sketches, and character descriptions AND the unreleased prequel to It’s a Frog Story!)
  • The Limited Edition Print from the Kickstarter, Signed and Mailed to you
  • A pinset of Russel and Varen

To enter this tumblr giveaway, all you have to do is reblog and like this post. There is no limit to how many reblogs. This giveaway is to run concurrently with the contest so when the contest is over, giveaway winners are selected (randomly).

Also!! Check out the contest details, you could win the actual book and other cool goodies!

Giveaway and Contest Ends: 10/3/14 (1 week after the official end of IAFS)

*You will have to be comfortable with giving me your address for you to receive your prize.



We’re seeking submissions of Young Adult stories with asexual/aromantic main characters! We’re looking for main characters ages 14-18 who experience positive character growth though the story.

Please see the information in the poster above or check our our submission guidelines.

See a more complete list of what we’re looking for at the original post. And please, give us feedback if there’s something you’d like to see that we’ve left out.

I will boost this as much as possible. Seeing ace stories when I was younger would have made a world of difference, and even now that I’m older and know what I identify as, there still aren’t enough stories about people like me. Kudos to HIP for being so proactive about the representation available through their publishing house.

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» Let’s make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.





“Challenge accepted!” —SPN fandom.

omg this is still going


i’m not even in the supernatural fandom and i’m still going to reblog

lost count of the times i’ve reblogged this

I swear like half of those reblogs is me

…………………..it’s still not fucking broken 



He’s Counting Down From 21, And By The Time He Reaches 15, My Stomach Is In Knots


Tibetan sand foxes are famous for their distinct looksquare-molded face and little, triangular ears that are situated near its head. They form life-long partnerships and live, hunt and share the responsibility of raising their young together. Tibetan foxes are not overly territorial and many pairs live in close quarters and share hunting grounds.


final fantasy is like


and kingdom hearts


» a simplified guide to sexualities
homosexual: sexually attracted to homer simpson
pansexual: gets off to various kitchen utensils
asexual: gets turned on by the first letter of the latin alphabet
demisexual: sexually attracted to you if and only if your blood is half divine
bisexual: can only have sex with two people ever. choose wisely
heterosexual: can only be satisfied by macklemore